Instant justice was promptly meted out on a man who decided to live in the apartheid era and display his arrogance to petrol attendants at a garage in South Africa. The visibly drunk man decided to use his vocabulary and used a derogatory word which is highly offensive to black South Africans. This did not sit down well with the fuel attendants who mainly comprise of black people that they decided to teach the man a lesson or two. Petrol Attendants Deal With Man Who Used K Word On Them

Petrol Attendants Deal With Man Who Used K Word On Them - Video

RZeports gathered by MzansiNdaba suggest that the man was incensed after he waited for a long time at the fuel pump and used the K word to display his dissatisfaction, Eyewitnesses, however, did not appreciate the man’s use of vocabulary and beat him up with different weaponry objects they could get their hands on.

Many people on social media disagreed with the Engen petrol attendant’s actions.

Really a word that you’ve chosen to be offended by gives you the right to be beat an unarmed man with bats. My God savage mentality.
Anyone who finds this amusing or acceptable are just as disgusting as the people hitting him. F**king grow up.
Others even spoke on how the petrol attendants would most probably lose their jobs:

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“They all probably lost their job and this guy probably laid assault charges against them. Unfortunately for them he wasn’t caught on camera using that word so they couldn’t do anything about that.”
Issues of racism are tense in South Africa and almost every other week a new racial case emerges. Many people have been caught up in the racial wars and the tension almost always seem to go overboard.
Watch the video below of the Engen fuel attendants beating up a man.

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