Mzansi actress Asavela Mngqithi is having an amazing time of her life in the Bahamas as she just got into a new chapter, a new decade and a new year, 2020. What an incredible way to start off a new beginning.

The actress shared several snaps of herself at the Beach wearing beautiful bikinis that revealed her amazing self.

From one of the posts, she captioned, ‘Life is a beach 🕷💙‘


This statement means life can be difficult and unpleasant which turns it around into a positive.

She posted a lot of pictures wearing different beautiful bikinis, where she got to show off what her mom gave her. Appreciating her fans and followers, from one of the snaps she wished them a happy new year.

We are just not sure who she is with, but we wish her a very happy time during her holiday.

Source : News365