After a year on TV, local telenovela Broken Vows concludes this week with a colourful two-episode traditional wedding between the characters Uhuru (Thapelo Mokoena) and Thandi (Jo-Anne Reyneke).

On Thursday, viewers will witness a lavish Zulu wedding in Tembisa and on Friday an equally explosive Tswana shindig in Hyde Park.

“Thapelo and I discussed that audiences are counting on a happily ever after for Thandi and Uhuru. So we wanted to give it every colour possible,” Reyneke recounts.

“Shooting it in Tembisa made it feel like a real wedding. We had the community come out and watch – ululating with us and some people were even saying ‘congratulations’ because they thought it was a real wedding.

“I’ve never been married, so it was a glimpse of what brides go through on the day.”

Reyneke won a South African Film and Television Award (Safta) for her role on the show this past weekend.





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