Thando Thabooty Thabethe was filled with joy over the weekend as she got the opportunity to share the wonders of her newly-renovated home with her closest friends.

Being a black South African woman, Thando has proven that black women are capable and that they can do the thing. Thando has built an empire and grown her career in a way that is truly inspiring.

Briefly, reported on the breathtaking renovations that Thando did to her home – her new closet is so lit, Boity even drooled over it.

Over the weekend, Thando invited some of her closet friends to her home for a mini-home renovation warming party. Thando felt truly blessed to have had all her ride or dies there with her.

Mantsoe Tsatsi, aka Mantsoe Pout, took to social media to thank Thando for hosting and to congratulate her on her beautiful home.


Even though Thando renovated her momma’s house for her not too long ago, mama Thabethe was ready to crash her party. You are clearly never too old for your mother to rock up unexpectedly and kill your vibe!

Source : News365