Fans have been sharing their observations that Bonang Matheba has been glowing like a woman in love, and while she’s been coy about the whole thing, over the weekend B decided to play along after she was asked to show her “man”.

From past teasers moghel has shared, we know that the guy spoils her and is not a local citizen of Mzansi.

So when Bonang replied to a tweep that she would go live with her man on Instagram stories, err’body got their data ready. They got some popcorns and some House of BNG champopo, and waited patiently for the “big reveal”.

This was us camping on B’s Instagram…

A couple of minutes later, your girl B came through with the Insta stories, in the form of some of the snaps below.


And… wow! What a sight

Look, that is all Twitter FBI needed to start their investigations into who the yummy, mysterious man is! So they went on a treasure hunt (expect it wasn’t Easter eggs they were searching for!)

They found that the man’s name is Fatmir Hysenbelliu. He is an Albanian businessman and retired footballer. He’s 27 years and yummy AF!

And while there’s nothing on his social yet to imply that he and B may be an item, B has commented on his pics.

Source: TimesLIVE