Nomzamo Mbatha is one stylish Queen. We especially love how she rocks African attire. Always looking radiant, elegant and modern. Every dress that she wears showcases her African beauty and leaves us speechless. Be inspired by her
glamorous and graceful style.

Nomzamo is famous for her striking beauty, but she also turns heads with her amazing style. Here’s how to channel your inner Ms Mbatha: Nomzamo always turns heads with her amazing style. Her style is s-e-xy, unique, proudly African and fun.

Well not just because she’s a major star and drop dead gorgeous, but she’s getting lots of likes for her fashion choices as well. Nomzamo mixes classic traditional pieces with modern cuts and styles.


She also loves her fitness wear and s-e-xy pieces. Nomzamo Mbatha loves a good doek.

Wrapped up high, in stunning prints and colours, Miss Mbatha pays tribute to the African fashion icons that came before her. You can wear a headscarf with literally everything and it’s great to cover up a bad hair day.

Source :News365