Popular media star, Moshe Ndiki and Musician, Phelo Bala have been sharing cute and cosy pictures of each other on their separate Instagram accounts.

What seems to baffle some of their fans is whether or not they are a couple, especially with cryptic captions like, ”Khazin Brother”, which is loosely translated, ”Cousin Brother.”

Perusing through Moshe’s comments section, many of his followers stated that they are not fooled by the seemingly innocuous caption, there is absolutely no ”Cousin Brotherhood” between these two.

Both Phelo and Moshe have managed to maintain low profiles in this intrusive industry.

Therefore it might take a while for them to publicly declare that, indeed they are romantically involved.

Below are just some of the photographs from Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki. Looking all sorts of cosy and in love.Support is very important especially from family members. Moshe was flanked by The Bala’s at a particular event.

Pulling funny faces is pretty much a sure sign that these two are comfortable with each other.

Love is a beautiful thing, and we love it when our favourite celebrities embrace it.

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala look so good together, but just like anything that is beautiful, they too should be given time to enjoy their ”relationship”, but in the meanwhile, we are watching them and wish they could just spit it out already!




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