South African entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu, showcased her now personalized VW Caravelle, which she says will be used for business purposes.

In an Instagram post she shared, Zodwa revealed that the latest vehicle she will be seen in, is, in fact, a VW Caravelle, also known as a mini-bus.

The image showcased the white vehicle, which spots “Wabantu” on the number plate.

It also showcases Zodwa’s personal logo across the bonnet, which sees her name printed, with an animation of her face replacing the “O”.


She captioned the post with, “Let’s make money – my business bus”.

The back of the bus shows another image of Zodwa, with all her contact details printed in black font.

The images show an animation portrayal of the finished product, which includes a full-length picture of Zodwa in a pink dress, as well as a profile shot of her face.

Many fans were not pleased with Zodwa’s comment over the state of Mzansi. And fans told her to stick to what she does best!

Source : News365