Prophet TB Joshua Reveals The Truth About The Vaccine. TB Joshua is Nigerian Prophet and overseer of the synagogue church of all nations. The nigerian prophet is known for his prophesies about whats happening in the current world.

Prophet TB Joshua Reveals The Truth About The Vaccine

He Prophesied about Princess Dianna’s death and Micheal Jackson’s and the most recent he Prophesied about the American Elections saying “America will have a new president”. Which came to pass as Donald Trump was voted out and Joe Biden is the new American president.

TB Joshua prophesied that Corona Virus will end in March 2020. The prophecy seemed not to come to pass as its now 2021 and people are still suffering from the disease. However all this requires wisdom.

It seems as though the prophet received many emails concerning the vaccine, people wanted to know if they should take the vaccine and this is how he responded:

Understanding this text will require a lot of wisdom.

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Let me quote a few ” i used to have the such reactions when i took chloroquine “. There are a few reports concerning corona and chloroquine and the man of God is using parables to communicate.

” Our government need our support and cooperation”. The bible fully says we must submit to our leaders.

There is a prophecy by the man of God that was released in 2019 and i quote “There will be medicine that will make people commit suicide”. I dont know which medicine the man of God was talking about however lets let time unfold and see what happens.

It is your own call to take a vaccine or not.


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