At a time when people’s lives in Zimbabwe are at stake, it has been particularly heartwarming to see South Africa’s most influential celebrities sending their prayers to the nation.

Zimbabwe found itself in turmoil this week after the government announced an incredible fuel hike that saw the price of petrol go up to more than R45 a litre (Imagine!). This sparked nationwide protests that inspired the police to react brutally in retaliation.

The situation has been ugly, to say the least, but it became even worse this week when the nation was forced offline by the government who shutdown the internet. One can only wonder what kinds of atrocities were taking place while the country was cut-off from the rest of the world.

It’s been scary for all of us watching and observing from beyond the Zim borders and Mzansi’s celebrities have led the way in showing support to the embattled citizens of the great nation of Zimbabwe:


It’s crazy to think we are witnessing an entire humanitarian crisis in a country that is just beyond our borders but the support that has been shown by our celebrities has been heartwarming. Let’s hope that we see a positive resolution to this story soon!




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