SAD: Hard times hit Makhadzi as her ex-manager disappears with her money.  When Makhadzi first came to mainstream popularity, the one aspect of her come up that created a blemish on the rise was the matter of her manager, Rita Dee. This was after a video of Rita Dee being physically abusive towards Makhadzi went viral on social media.

SAD: Hard times hit Makhadzi as her ex-manager disappears with her money

The video sparked interest in the relationship between the two, and the revelations were so shocking that the political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters got involved. This was after it was revealed that despite Makhadzi being one of the leading Tshivenda-speaking musicians, she was broke. The alleged reason was that Rita Dee was hoarding all of Makhadzi money.

Besides treating her like a doormat, Rita Dee is alleged to have paid Makhadzi a stipend because it is a spit across the face to call it a salary. Moreover, from the stipend Makhadzi would need to pay her dancers and afford her life expenses. When she could not she would need to beg for more money from Rita Dee that was earned from Makhadzi’s music catalogue and from her performances.

Recently, Makhadzi was interviewed by popular local podcaster, “MacG on Podcast and Chill with MacG.”Makhadzi detailed her story of continually being exploited by “managers,” which saw her more as a commodity than a talented entertainer that should be cultivated. Moreover, Makhadzi confirmed that she experience s.e.xual assault at the hands of her “manager’s” husband. A matter that she did not pursue legally.

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While Makhadzi was freed from Rita Dee, it seems that Rita Dee has currently had the last laugh on the matter. This is a fact that corroborates the allegations that the former manager is as scrupulous as suggested. Makhadzi in a loaded thread explained how she has not received a cent from her breakout album into the mainstream of entertainment. Matorokisi.

In one post she alleges that, “What she (Rita Dee) did was to claim my money and delete all videos from Youtube including “Riyavenda” (with over) 10 million views, and “Matorokisi” (that had over) 8 million views. I didn’t get a cent from my album.”

Makhadzi is not only asking for the money that is due to her from the album. But considering the alleged malicious actions from the manager, the possibility of her seeing a cent is dubious. It seems that if Makhadzi is serious about getting what she due from Rita Dee, that she might need to enlist the help of the Economic Freedom Fighters.


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