Tweeps Bring Out Receipts Suggesting Boity As The Reason Behind Mampintsha’s Weight Loss. The weight loss of Big Nuz musician Mampintsha is still trending with people sharing views based on it. What resumed the talk is a video he recently released addressing the speculations made of his weight loss.

In the midst of all the opinions making rounds on social media certain tweeps decided to bring out receipts of Boity. One may wonder how is the Wuz Dat rapper involved in all this.

Last year Boity and Mampintsha got entangled in a twar that

ended with her telling him he’s a “pig” and that a day where he reaps what he sow will come.

Since the Bakae rapper has revealed she has a calling and is a Traditional healer, people decided to make fun of the previous tweet suggesting she had something to do with it.


“Letsatsi lagago latla wena, kolobe ya naba,” wrote Boity, it loosely translates to “your day is coming, you pig.”

See tweet:

Source : okmzansi