Local fitness bunnie, Sbahle Mpisane, had her fans choking with laughter recently. She shared a video of her snatching food from a guy’s plate and used it to give advice to her single fans. Sbahle said that ‘snatching’ a man is the same as eating from a side plate.

Sbahle Mpisane the fitness bunnie and inspiration extraordinaire. This brave young lady has survived a near-fatal car accident and shown that when life gives you a second chance, you grab it. Not only is she determined to get 100% better, she’s doing so with a beautiful smile.

All her fans know that she’s always trying to find reasons to smile, and her post about snatching men had them smiling.

Briefly saw that Sbahle shared a video showing how she repeatedly snatches food from someone else’s plate.

She then, quite cleverly, used the video to share some advice on how to ‘snatch’ a man with her followers.


Basically (he is) just a snack, you take little bits of him and look around to make sure no one is noticing y’all. You take a few bits after the other until he becomes worth eating as a main plate. So you snatch him for supper with a glass of water, this is how you snatch him ladies.

We so love Sbahle making jokes and goofing around – she’s inspiring and motivating us every day.

Source : News365