Kgomotso Christopher might not have won a SAFTA award recently, however, her fans uproar on social media still makes her grateful of the immense support she receives from both her fans and her husband. The Scandal actress recently opened up about her relationship and her dream role.

Speaking to Trending SA, the mother of two revealed that her husband was her varsity sweetheart as they met in her first year at a fresher’s bash and have been together ever since.

“I met him in varsity, first year, first week, fresher’s bash. He was an exchange student from Princeton University in the states at the time…met there, and how many years later? I’m not even counting.

One is married to an international lawyer who travels all the time, and we as a family have always traveled, him being in South Africa is traveling, he’s not South African, he’s here for work actually and we’re happy to be here with the family.”

Kgomotso went on to elaborate on her departure from Isidingo saying that she left taking the leap of faith and ended up without a job for a period of time.

“I did not move for Scandal or to Scandal, I didn’t move into anything but the opportunity to find new opportunities, so when I left Isidingo, I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have a role that I was going into, I literally walked out in my faith, in my work to say: ‘I’d love to be able to stretch and do something else’, I didn’t know if it’d be theatre, film, or perhaps another show that will definitely show a different side of my acting muscle.”

After going through a slight hardship of getting no roles, the actress says that today as she gets to play her dream role on Scandal through her character Katlego, she was looking to play a similar character in theatre.

“I want to play something like Lady Macbeth.  I’m still hoping to get back to theatre, I’m hoping it could be in that kind of role…it is my first love, I was trained on stage, and I actually feel more natural on stage and at home.




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