Most parents usually fret over which course their children will study towards at tertiary. One such parents are that of Scandal’s Lindiwe Ngema, who are a tad reluctant to rally behind their daughter’s chosen field of study – Music.

Last night’s episode of etv’s Scandal! shone the spotlight on the worries that most parents have regarding their kids’ preference in pursuing a career in the Arts. Fearing what their children will have to go through in order to attain success.

It was Lindiwe’s aunt, Phindile who set them down and really drilled sensible information about the various possibilities of the music industry as a whole. Only then did they see the value of a music career…Little did they know.

The intergration of Shado into Lindiwe’s storyline makes for great television viewing as the audience could give up almost anything to see just how far Lindiwe is willing to stretch herself in succeeding in her preferred profession – Music

With such an entertaining and riveting storyline, it was only natural that the viewers chimed in, in their comments section.

Perhaps there are some positives in Lindiwe’s current storyline. For instance, it could open some-kind of a window into the general state of the music industry and how difficult it is for musicians to really get their foot in the door. Social ills such as human trafficking and prostitution are also being highlighted through this storyline.

Lindiwe’s ambition is admirable to watch, however she must know that not all that glitters is gold. What upsets the viewers, also is how her best friend, Mary is being dragged into this whole mess.




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