She earns over R7 million a year from being n@ked on the internet.To celebrate her one-year anniversary on the platform, Abby Zeus answered all the questions she has been bombarded with over the last year.South African OnlyFans creator, Abby Zeus speaks out.

She earns over R7 million a year from being n@ked on the internet : Abby Zeus speaks out.

South African OnlyFans creator, Abby Zeus speaks out: Video – $2,000 a week. $8,000 a month.That is how much Abby Zeus earns from being n@ked on the internet.

At the current exchange rate, that is a whopping R34,000 weekly and R138,000 monthly.

According to a YouTube video posted on her channel, the internet sensation started her foray into online exhibitionism back when she was 16 years old.

After years of engaging in similar forums, she decided to finally make money from something she naturally enjoyed doing (being n@ked online).

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“I started an OnlyFans account because my nu_des started leaking since I was, like, 16. And I was always in these nu_dity Facebook groups. You know it was like my little secret… I’d look at nu_de people and want to go nu_de myself and stuff. The whole nu_dity thing was intriguing to me,” explained Abby before sharing how she adopted a similar aesthetic to what she had seen in her own posts.

“When I came across OnlyFans and I was like ‘sh** I’ve been doing this sh** for free and people can pay for it?’ So that was my whole thing. If my nu_des are gonna be on the internet, might as well have people pay for them.”

She estimated that she has earned a total of $416,000 (R7,137,811) in the past year.

How does OnlyFans work?

Watch the full video below:

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