Shocking photos of Pastor floating in church like Prophet Bushiri emerge.

Shocking photos of Pastor floating in church like Prophet Bushiri emerge

A weird picture of a pastor floating high above his congregation is making rounds on social media has made many people wonder if this is a repeat of an older feat by fugitive Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The young pastor who was dressed in red and white pants and the shirt was seen lifted high and suspended in the air with his head almost touching the high roof of the church auditorium.

What is the point? Many churchgoers wonder. Perhaps, the pastor is under some kind of spiritual influence.

This is not the first time a pastor will float or be suspended air. In his heydays in South Africa, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had posted a video of himself walking air as he descended a staircase. The video portrays the General Overseer of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church defying the law of nature as his legs were off the ground while climbing down the stairs.

Not only Bushiri. A US clergy, Pastor Bartholomew Orr of Brown Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi has since pulled the stunt before. But in his case, it was a preaching stunt in the full glare f the congregation. Known as the “flying preacher” Pastor Orr has been using the flying equipment for several years for Christmas services.

Many people were not convinced as they argued that it was simply a make-belief. While others said it does not prove anything as walking or floating in the air is not a demonstration of God’s power.

For many people, it smacks off as a sign of spiritual immaturity. At worst, it is believed showing off with such an act is nothing but a demonstration of satanic power because floating in the air does not make come closer to God or live a life of righteousness.

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Although Bushiri and other examples may be untoward, there are biblical references that point to floating or being suspended in the air have happened before.

A good example is Elijah whom biblical account suggests that he was taken up into heaven floating. Elijah was recorded to have disappeared from sight in a chariot that lifted him from the earth surface.

Also, it is recorded that Jesus Christ ascended into heaven having been suspended in the air as he bid farewell to his disciples. The Ascension Day celebration is a major event in the Christian calendar. Jesus’s experience is referred to as The Ascent.

What is not clear, however, is the pastor in the picture and Bushiri had similar experiences as Elijah, Jesus, and Pastor Orr.

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