The actor and founder of Ferguson Film’s share how he and his wife Connie have made their relationship work for the past 16-years.

As we’ve all grown into adulthood one thing we’ve come to learn is that relationships are hard work and need for people to be on the same page for it to succeed. A couple that has mastered that knowledge is Shona Ferguson and his wife, Connie.

Considered as one of the most loved celebrity couples in the country, we’ve seen these two grow from strength to strength – business & relationship-wise. But this journey has not been a walk in the park for the couple.

In a recent Drum magazine interview, Shona Ferguson explains that their marriage has come with a lot of challenges but they have figured how to make their marriage work through strong communication and simply channeling their energy towards each other instead of against each other.

“There is no trick to making a marriage work. We don’t focus too much on the outside because no one from the outside truly knows us.”

The actor and businessman continued to explain that communication is key to them and while other people formulate their own opinions about them; they made the decision to just fully focus on each other and their family.

Shona went on to praise his wife and explained how much of an important role she plays in his life.

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. My wife is my biggest and best gift because it’s so easy to be with her. Even on the days she doesn’t like more or I don’t like her – and it happens in any relationship – she is everything to me.”




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