Actress, Sindi Dlathu set matters straight after beauty brand, Nulante Anti-Aging used her picture on advertising without her permission.

The River star issued a statement on Instagram, distancing herself from the beauty brand’s advertisements.

“I have not been involved in the development of the skincare ranges, nor have I endorsed any of the products sold by Nulante Anti-Aging.”

She added that the beauty brand used her name, brand, and image to promote their products without her knowledge and consent.

The actress urged followers to share her statement to make others aware.

“I have not been able to verify any of the information relating to the company or the products it claims to sell, nor am I able to establish who the perpetrators of this conduct are. I am therefore in no position to comment on the legitimacy of the company and its products,” she said.

Sindi also warned her followers to exercise necessary caution should they come across any of the company’s products where her name has been used to promote the skincare range.


Source : Times Live