It has been well suspected by many that Sjava as a traditional uses muthi, what most people weren’t aware of is how and which kind or just why he uses it.

On the latest social media post the Before rapper revealed in question as confirmation that he uses Muthi. As one of the biggest most successful artists in the country that has people who possess ill views about Muti, Sjava received a share of backlash.

The multi-award-winning star made it clear just how he doesn’t care about the views, he stated that as a black person he ought to take pride in using Muti.

“Why kumele kube yihlazo or ngifihle ukuthi umuthi ngiyawusebenzisa ngiwumuntu omnyama?” Which translates to “Why must it be an embarrassment or why must I hide that I use muti when I am a black person?” He asked.

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Source : SA News