After being trapped in a ten-year abusive marriage, Shoki finally gained the strength to just walk away.

Speaking to Drum magazine, the actress recalls having an abusive husband and her process of dealing with it. Shoki has two daughters aged nine and ten from her past failed marriage with Sello, saying that she’s been enjoying special time with them.

“I’ve always been a hands-on mother, I read to my kids, we play, and if they want me to roll on the floor and act like a dead cat I will, nothing has changed since Sello left us, except that we’re safe and don’t live in fear anymore”

Shoki went on to add that she had made sure to get the kids to get as much help as possible.

“My girls are now safe and attend the Teddy Bear Clinic, a foundation that helps kids who have either been abused or seen abuse.”

The actress now thinks very positively and focuses her energy on growing a small and business

“I have gained inner strength and my feet are firmly on the ground I know what I like and I laugh more, and my kids and I speak about everything.”

Shoki and her ex-husband Sello, are still in the process of finalizing their divorce, in the meantime, Shoki is determined to build her life with her kids again,





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