Popular Skeem Saam artist Clement Maosa has issued a stern warning to the youth of Mzansi to stop feeling entitled and start working.

The star has done work in the community and through several initiatives has tried to uplift many young people who come from difficult economic situations.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Clement said that while many were grateful for the help, he had noticed that some felt a sense of entitlement.

“There is this sense that people should be given things in their lap. I think it is across the board, where young people sometimes think they are owed something or that it should be given to them. But you have to work for it.”

Clement’s character on Skeem Saam, Kwaito, knows all about the sense of entitlement after his sister Pretty refused to get a job when the family was struggling to make ends meet.

Clement said that storyline was one that many could relate to.

“I won’t say the same thing happened to me in real life, because my siblings are generally hard-working, but I know that it is a problem. It is difficult to speak to some people and tell them they need to get a job because they just don’t see the need. But nothing replaces hard work.”

He said that with the struggles Mzansi faces at the moment, strong leadership and work ethic was needed from the next generation.

“Things can only change when we work hard to make sure they do,” he added.

Source : Times Loive