Somizi’s latest rant saw him addressing the thousands of people who attacked Hamilton Ndlovu for gifting his family with cars during the coronavirus pandemic. His Instagram video, shared on Wednesday, 27 May 2020, spoke about the jealousy that is going on within the black community, and how others are unable to be happy for other’s success. The video in question saw Hamilton gifting his immediate family with sports cars, which resulted in backlash from the public who accused him of being insensitive to those who are without during the pandemic.Somizi is sick and tired of the Black Community.

Somizi is sick and tired of the Black Community


Somizi questioned why Hamilton had to apologise for spending his hard-earned money and disagreed with the fact that he was bullied into doing so. He equated the black community to lobsters, who are said to always pull each other down in order for them to survive.Somizi is sick and tired of the Black Community.

He then went on to mention Caroline Steyn, one of the owners of Steyn City, who showcased her mansion on Top Billing. He furiously stated that no one questioned her success because she is a white woman, whereas in the black community, successful people are not allowed to show off their hard-earned money.

The media star also revealed that he has been targeted by the black community upon showing his luxurious items, with many questioning if his name brands are fake or if he was given it for free. He appealed to his audience to stop living with this mentality and to instead uplift one another to help the black community prosper.

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