Sorry Not Sorry! Nonhle Jali Mocks Husband Andile’s Salary From Sundowns! On Wednesday, Andile Jali’s wife Nonhle apologized for her distasteful video in which she called Andile a “skoroplap”.

But it seems she’s nolonger sorry as she made another video mocking Andile’s salary as a football player at Sundowns. In the video, Nonhle said Andile’s salary only manages to take care of their kids’ school fees and can’t get her the lifestyle she wants.

Nonhle then went on to say she needs her helper and wants to spread her wings. “My marriage certificate doesn’t apply airborne, it only applies within the South African borders. Once I board the plane, I am single and available,” Nonhle said in the video. Watch below.

Source : Okmzansi