Last Friday a DA MPL got more than what he expected after he joked about Bonang “Queen B” Matheba’s spelling errors on Twitter.

DA Gauteng legislature chief whip Mike Moriarty tweeted a picture of an ANC promotional material with a spelling error and said Bonang was behind ANC’s election strategy and Queen B’s clap left many with their hands on their mouths when she responded with “F*ck you” to him.

DA MP Phumzile Van Damme was also not spared from Queen B*’s wrath when she told a fan who was commenting on an issue discussing racism in the DA. Phumzile was telling him to release the cap locks on his comment and next Bonang quoted the tweet.

Bonang and Phumzile started going at each other and Bonang ended up blocking the politician after telling her that she should ‘stay the hell away from her.” Phumzile seemed to be surprised as to how and why Bonang blocked her. A fan that also tried to explain to Bonang also caught a block from B*.

Source : Daily Sun