Tbo Touch’s Sincere Birthday Shout Out To His Baby Mama Will Warm Your Heart. In most cases there is drama where baby mamas and baby daddies are concerned. Tbo Touch’s case is different though, he is cool with both his baby mamas. In fact he sent his ex actress Thuli Thabethe a cool birthday shout out.

“Happy Birthday my friend and Ruri’s Mom. Thank you for your dedication and commitment. Thanks for the lifetime gift,” Touch said. It is so cool that their birthdays follow each other. Touch on the 4th of April and Thuli on the 5th. These two have become the ultimate relationship goals as far as exes are concerned. Last year Thuli Thabethe sent Tbo Touch a cool birthday shout out as well.

The former lovebirds, who have a son together named Ruri, are raising him to be a good young man.

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