Monday 23 April 2018
Episode 191

Perfumes and murders

Shaka and Brutus dispose of a body. Goodness seduces Bakang, and he plays into it. Vuyiswa gives Bakang another chance.

Tuesday 24 April 2018
Episode 192


Shaka and Brutus make an exciting discovery. Brutus admits a painful reality. Patronella walks into the wrong room at the wrong time.

Wednesday 25 April 2018
Episode 193

Rocks and Jezebels

Brutus gets a surprise visitor. Petronella must decide whether or not to keep Bakang’s secret. Aunt Bongi encourages Kea not to blame herself.

Thursday 26 April 2018
Episode 194

Lies revealed

Vuyiswa and Bakang make a decision that’s been a monkey on their back for some time, but Vuyiswa then makes a startling discovery.

Friday 27 April 2018
Episode 195

It’s over

Bhekumuzi gets to Brutus. Vuyiswa is a wreck after her roadside discovery. Goodness is afraid she’s messed up and lost control of Bakang.
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