So far, we’ve laughed, cried and watched Zolani fall deeper in love with Tumi. Who knew that Zolani had it in him? Well, in case you missed some of the action, check out our recap of The River.

Lindiwe caught off guard

Lindiwe thinks she’s the king of the world. That woman thinks that life is all about her and what she wants. But, as you know, life doesn’t work like that and you don’t always have your way.

As much as she managed to convince some Refilwe residents about her plans to build them new homes, not everyone is buying her story. As a result, the ruthless businesswoman was hit with an unexpected court order, to stop her from demolishing people’s houses.

As you might remember, Lindiwe discovered that there are diamonds in Refilwe and the only way to get her hands on these precious stones was to destroy people’s houses. And, just when she thought she’d have her way, the rug was pulled under her feet. Will she win the case and proceed with her plans? We guess only time will tell.


Tumi is in a difficult place

We hope we’re not the only ones wondering why Tumi doesn’t go back home. What’s stopping her from going back? You mean to tell us that her hate for her brother is so bad that she’d rather live with strangers? Wow! We were never ready for that emotional scene between Tumi and her sister Dimpho.

Tumi, thinking she was doing the right thing, visited her township. Excited to see her sister Dimpho, she was probably expecting the feeling to be mutual. However, Dimpho decided to give her a piece of her mind and express how hurt and disappointed she is in the situation. Choosing to desert your family and moving in with people that you don’t even know too well? Now that’s heart-breaking.

The sisters had an emotional exchange which left both of them in tears. Dimpho ended up leaving, broken-hearted and all. Maybe this is the wake-up call Tumi needed in order to see how she’s hurting her family with her actions.

Watch your back, Walter

We all know that Walter will take any chance to expose Lindiwe’s true colours, even if it means putting his life at risk. So, it looks like he’s succeeding at convincing Refilwe residents to not believe Lindiwe’s promises. And, he even managed to get Nomonde, who is Lindiwe’s step-daughter, on his side. Now that’s how you deal with your enemy!

But we all know that Lindiwe does not take opposition well and she’ll stop at nothing to destroy Walter’s life. She even instructed Zolani to deal with the situation. You know what that means, right? We hope this won’t lead to death.




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