She is a SAFTA Award winning actress. There’s no role this talented actress can’t do, recognition or not and now she’s preparing to hang her acting boots.

Tina revealed her plan to retire after receiving a SAFTA 2018 nomination for best supporting actress in a TV drama for her work on Mzansi’s Isikizi.


“I am hoping to win my last Safta this year, it will be very special because I have decided to retire from acting and move behind-the-scenes. I want to produce and direct films as well as assist in nurturing young talent,” said the 47 year old who won a SAFTA for her role in God Diggers last year.

Tina admitted that things in her career have not been easy but she has continued to rise.

“Being in the industry for over 30 years and growing has been a blessing and I am happy to bow out knowing that I will still continue to contribute behind the camera,” she said.

Source: okmzansi