The time has come again where basically everyone has to survive the longest month of the year that is January (pronounced Januworry ). For those in the know, it even tags along a disease called January Disease.

The Twitter universe has been busy trying to find remedies for the elusive disease. The disease is so contagious that the President of Zimbabwe, E D Munangagwa announced a state of emergency January meal of Potatoes and Vegetables for his countrymen.

However, South of the border, different remedies have been suggested by the multitudes of social media users. Using the hashtag #Januworrysurvivalkit, many tweeps shared ways to save what’s leftover of people’s money while also sharing how to make sure it’s used efficiently. From eating cabbage to avoiding listening to your favorite December tune like Amapiano, John Cena. For January according to the learned Tweeps, one needs to listen to Jazz music or Gospel.

These are some of the conventional ways South Africans plan on surviving January until the next salary.

Someone even suggested January is the best month to marry as the inlays will accept anything. Even R500

The rent dodgers also had their fair share of advice


DSTV channel 100 is not a bad idea after all