There’s been a lot of controversy around Tumi Morake’s exit from Jacaranda FM as many had mixed emotions about her being ambushed with racist remarks. But, Tumi is still going strong and bagging gigs – not just for her but for her kids. However, she recently revealed, Mama Winnie Mandela’s passing has left her in regret.

In a recent interview on Trending SA, Tumi Morake opened up about her coming into the industry, saying that being kicked out from WITS made her analyze her options, opting to go for her dream in the streets of Jozi.

“I get kicked out of Wits because I can’t afford to pay for the fourth year, that’s what drove me, I had a choice, go back to Thaba Nchu, get pregnant have five kids by six dads or…stay and hustle because I know exactly what I want, I knew what I wanted, so about a year and a half, I stayed with different people at different times, I was a frickin’ clown at malls on Christmas being abused by kids, I was advertising newspapers in Checkers,” she explained.


Later when Tumi got her breakthrough on SABC 1 as Nomzamo, having walked from Yeoville to the SABC and became the head-writer, the comedian’s life has never been the same and she is now working towards paving the way for her children as well.

“They must pay their own school fees, smile, speak english into the camera, that’s school fees for at least two years….only if they’re really interested in it, my first born, he is quite shy but he wants to be on TV, so I’m trying to break it to him gently that he’s gonna have to come out of his shell if he wants to be on TV, but the other two just love life, you don’t have to force them to do anything…” 


After leaving Jacaranda FM in February this year, Tumi says she thought it was the best decision she had made until Winnie Mandela’s passing which has made her feel the need to contribute a black woman’s voice on the platform.

“The passing of mom Winnie broke me, in ways I never thought I could be broken, I got angry at myself for leaving Jacaranda after she passed away, I was like: “This is the time I should’ve been there for her passing, because this thing is gonna be covered in news and just and passed over but this is a big historical thing that just happened, my father used to speak about women with such pride, I used to think there’s something wrong with my dad because the rest of the world, I was hearing all the other stuff…”




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