Tweeps worried about Kelly Khumalo’s parenting #LifeWithKellyKhumalo. Following the most recent episode of singer Kelly Khumalo’s ShowMax reality show, Twitter users commented on her parenting style.

Tweeps worried about Kelly Khumalo’s parenting #LifeWithKellyKhumalo

Following the publication of the most recent episode of Kelly Khumalo’s reality series on Showmax on Tuesday, July 26, Twitter users commented on how she raises her son Christian. Kelly has two kids: Thingo, 7, and Christian, 12, both with late soccer player Senzo Meyiwa and TV host Jub Jub.

Tweeps think that the singer is being too hard on her son because she wants to “kill the Jub Jub” in him.


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“I feel Kelly is too hard on her son because she wants to kill the “Jubjub” in him! She is reminded so much of Jub that she is afraid her son will turn out to be like the father! #LifeWithKellyKhumalo,” tweeted @keitmols.

Following Kelly’s suggestion that her son feels “entitled” like his father, this has happened. She said that despite going above and above to fulfill all of his birthday wishes, he exhibited no sign of emotion.

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The singer went on to say that this is a quality he inherited from Jub Jub, his father. Jub Jub believes that the entire world owes him something, she said. No feeling. nothing in the least. After giving her son a pair of Jordan shoes, Kelly remarked, “He feels like he’s entitled to them.

“So,Christian said to me ‘ma’ because I tried to get him Jordans on Christmas, I couldn’t find them. They were out of stock. So, I was like birthday is coming I will get them. He opens them, no emotion,” she said. And this is a very bad trait that I’ve seen from his father. Who feels like the world owes him something,” she continued.


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