Twitter can’t decide if Sunday night’s Date My Family bachelor is brave or dumb after he rejected a potential date, even after discovering she’s kind of a sangoma.

While bachelors on DMF must always weigh the pros and cons of choosing a date, Twitter has highlighted that some information about the potential dates really determine how much a date must be considered. They couldn’t understand how Luke, the bachelor, could reject Ofentse.

Although the initial problem was that Ofentse’s family and friends failed to just say that she had an ancestral calling, Twitter managed to connect the dots. They figured if she can see visions and has “moya” things, she could probably predict the future or even influence it.

Luke on the other hand didn’t seem fazed by the sangoma-like descriptions of Ofentse. So much so, that he choose Naledi as his date instead of Ofentse.

In addition to the confusion caused by her family, the fact that Ofentse had tattoos didn’t help one bit because apparently Twitter ain’t never seen a sangoma that’s inked.

And so the memes continued.

However, Twitter’s still convinced rejecting a sangoma is never a good idea.

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