With the increasing danger that women find themselves in when dating abusive men, Kea’s storyline on The Queen has opened some people’s eyes on how to pick up character traits of an abusive man.

Tebogo, the once suave guy, revealed his true colours as an insecure, rich and abusive man in the story.

However, Kea doesn’t seem understand that her life is in danger, and Twitter claims that while it’s all fiction, the situation is a reality for some people in SA.

Twitter has singled out a few things to look out for in a man that has a lot of potential to be trash. (Obvs this is not proven. Except for Twitter, of course)

1. He plays victim. His father left him, his mother never loved him, he watched his father beat his mother… anything really.’

2. He believes he’s a good guy and always manipulates situations to make it seem like he is and everything he does is justified.


3. Excuses. He is great at excuses. Excuses for why he beat you, why your actions provoked him and why you made him feel humiliated.

4. He creates more opportunities to be valuable to your family. They like him, he’s resourceful and he knows that will make it harder for you to convince them otherwise.

And of all the reactions we’ve seen to this sad storyline, this one has to be the best.

Don’t be a Kea in your relationship, just tell that trash of a man to voetsek!

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