On Sunday the second episode of Moja Love’s popular reality show, Uyajola 9/9 which was presented by Moss Makwati got social media users talking, but it was not for the funny and candid reasons.

Twitter users claimed that the episode cited and promoted violence and they were not happy about this.

The show which exposes people who cheat on their partners, was not all laughs as per most of their episodes. The episode which was shot between Moroka Dam and Thokoza Park in Rockville Soweto, angered many viewers.

During the episode a man was caught with another woman at the park. His wife and the TV crew followed and located him, where they confronted him about his cheating ways.

But during the confrontation, his wife then began hitting him in full view of the crew and other people and she was joined by his girlfriend whom he was caught cheating with by the wife.

The two women ganged up on him and it turned violent while he did not get any help until later from the crew.

Viewers were not happy saying it was promoting violence and it was not a great show.

Source : Daily Sun