Monday 5 March 2018
Episode 21 

Mondli decides to take matters into his own hands, even if it is illegal. Mxolisi is struggling to be the son Mdletshe wants him to be. Pastor Mdletshe decides that the Board should vote. Fikile is living her best life and she isn’t afraid to show it.

Tuesday 6 March 2018
Episode 22 

With Sbu and Mondli missing, questions are raised by the women most affected. Pastor Mdletshe forces Mxolisi to take responsibility for his own actions. Paradise turns into hell as a damsel in distress reaches her all-time low.

Wednesday 7 March 2018
Episode 23 

Mondli is on the verge of finding out the truth about the church conference heist. Pastor Mdletshe is distraught but the support around keeps him going. Mastermind begins a new life which comes to an abrupt stop when he is kidnapped!

Thursday 8 March 2018
Episode 24 

Mastermind’s kidnapper reveals himself and his intentions. Pastor Mdletshe orders Mxolisi to take care of the Lilly situation once and for all. Nkunzi stops Sbu just as he is about to get his revenge.

Friday 9 March 2018
Episode 25 

Nkunzi is determined to get Mastermind in on a heist, Pastor Mdletshe suffers a blow from the church board, and Fikile and Sbu take a hit financially.




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