Monday 11 February 2019
Episode 6

Qhabanga struggles to come to terms with the news of Nkunzi and Gabisile. The police put Nonka under serious pressure. Mrs. Madlala doesn’t receive the support she expects from the police.

Tuesday 12 February 2019
Episode 7

Nkunzi is after Chillies and so are the police and the last thing MaNgcobo wants is for either of them to catch him. Nkunzi lets Sibonelo know he is welcome in his home. Fikile teaches Lilly a hair technique.

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Episode 8

Njeza doesn’t want to go back to the past but it is still inside of him and haunting him

Thursday 14 February 2019
Episode 9

Nkunzi sends his boys to go retrieve his car which was impounded by Mondli from the police impound, MaNgcobo also sends Njeza to go retrieve the same car. Who will get to the car first?

Friday 15 February 2019
Episode 10

The church holds a thanksgiving service for Sibonelo and Qhabanga welcomes Sibonelo. Is Qhabanga sincere when he prays for Sibonelo or is he just putting on a show for the public?

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