VERY SAD: Look Who People Are Blaming For Shona Ferguson’s Death. Yesterday (Friday July 31), the world received the very sad news of Shona Ferguson’s death, and according to an official statement from ‘Ferguson Films’ he unfortunately passed away after health complications related to the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

VERY SAD: Look Who People Are Blaming For Shona Ferguson’s Death

However, even though Covid-19 has killed millions of people around the world since the pandemic started, some people in South Africa are blaming Netcare Milpark Hospital for Shona Ferguson’s death, as he reportedly died at that hospital.

“It looks like this milkpark is overrated. 💔💔💔”
“Private hospitals are way overrated. Plus the private healthcare system is flawed in mamy ways, but middle class on medical aid will never be ready to hear that. They think biscuits and coffee means good healthcare”

“Highly overrated hospital indeed. People are losing lives there”

“Aha… I once told my partner that I stay in Jozi but if anything happens am not going there, a lot of prominent people took their last breath there…”

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“Money making schemes those ones. The way they are milking government is not funny”

“Most Private Hospitals are Overated,Money making schemes, I took my kids to some of them, as a Healtchare professional myself,I know how Pathetic they can Be!”

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