VIDEO: Kelly Khumalo slams Twitter over bullying. Kelly Khumalo Finally Addresses the Issue that has been Troubling her. Kelly Khumalo is one of the most bullied South African celebrities on social media.

Kelly Khumalo Finally Addresses the Issue that has been Troubling her

Lately, things have been slowly changing for the singer as people are starting to see and talk about her differently. If you have been following Kelly Khumalo closely, you would know that when she comes out as Barbra, she is going to be taking facts.

Barbra is a character that she usually records herself speaking in English with a French person’s accent and she always says what is on her mind. She did that recThe “black Twitter” communityently and she was talking about the “black Twitter community”.

is usually cruel, and the black Twitter people are seen as bullies. They say whatever they want to say about people, and if they go at someone, they surely do not leave anything behind. Kelly Khumalo has also fallen victim to bullying from this black Twitter community.

She recently posted a video on her Instagram page speaking on how people support and endorse bullying on social mediaa.“I have seen how the majority of this country endorses bullying. You’re even giving it a name black Twitter and you’re surprised when your children are following in your footsteps”, said Kelly Khumalo.

She also spoke about how people should not only be kind in person but also be kind on the internet because their children also have access to the internet.


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“If you want your children to be kind humans, you start by being kind even on the internet because our children have access to the internet “, Kelly continued. It seems that Kelly is not happy with how people go on about bullying other people on social media and those who also cheer the people who bully others. Do you think Kelly has a point and black Twitter is always bullying people? Leave a comment and let us know. Don’t forget to also leave a like, share, and follow us for more daily

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