What is it that babes Wodumo done, her video which trended online of her showing off her Kuku Print didn’t end well but broke the internet.

Video Of Babes Wodumo Showing Her Kuku

Babes Wodumo the Gqom Queen and the Queen of West Ink records did something unpleasant. She was doing a video of her dancing, we know that Babes Wodumo is a dancer but don’t usually t. w. e. r. k, but on her latest video she made everyone happy by giving them what they want but exposing her own Kuku Print until Mampitsa interfered and closed babes Wodumo from Camera.

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Babes Wodumo was wearing a short Skirt and went on a video, she suddenly got down and started her dance. Babes was showing off her Kuku Print up until Mampitsa came and covered her. What Babes Wodumo did was not a great thing but we do what we love. Mampitsa was trying by all means to be behind babes Wodumo and covering her from the camera. But she kept of refusing and finding another way to it.


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