Choreographer, Bontle Modiselle recently got mind blown by her sisters who surprised her with a bridal shower.

Bontle and bae, Priddy Ugly revealed in August that she is pregnant with her first child.

Meanwhile, Priddy had revealed in an interview with DRUM that he had paid her lobola, but didn’t reveal there will be a wedding anytime soon.

“I proposed in 2015 and in February last year our families met and I paid for lobola for her. We just haven’t done the formal ceremony yet,” Priddy said.

However, in a recent post shared by Bontle on Instagram, she got a bridal shower surprise from her sister and her reaction is so adorable.

“The diaries of a Bride-to-be 👰🏾🤰🏽. A surprise from my incredible sister. Words fail to express my gratitude. When you have love, you can’t help but give it. And my sisters do it all the time, every time, without fail, abundantly so!!! Thank you for this beautiful gift @refilwemodiselle@candicemodiselle & @faz_lovelace. Thank you for being such an amazing partner who schemes with my sisters so quietly so @priddy_ugly 😂. I love you with every fiber of my being,” she captioned the post.

Watch video below:


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