The ‘National Wedding’ is finally underway and you can still be part of this much-awaited event.

Nonhlanhla Soldaat (28) and Hector Mkansi (37) reminded us of the beauty of love when a video of their ‘proposal’ at the KFC in Evaton Mall, Vaal, went viral.

Since then the couple have become media darlings and a ‘national treasure’ – so much so that social media users are not impressed that they are not invited to the wedding which is happening today.

Hector, however, shared with W24 that it wasn’t out of spite that they did not invite the entire country, but rather a matter of limitations beyond their control.

The venue that my beautiful bride and I wanted was FNB stadium so that we could accommodate as many people as we can. There were so many people who requested to attend the wedding and we also had it in our hearts,” he told us.

“Unfortunately, we were told that the stadium is already booked for the date so we had to find a different venue.”

Source : W24