In the Kasis, it is a well-known fact that Nyaope addicts refuse to take a bath.

They can do a lot of things but taking a bath is not one of them.

Apparently, the reason they don’t take a bath is that water ‘kills’ the high.

So a video has emerged on social media showing a group of men washing a man believed to be a Nyaope addict in the streets.


The men are seen scrubbing his body while the crowd cheers them up.

A women’s voice could be heard saying “We are washing them now”.

Those washing him can also be heard asking for more Surf washing powder.

In another video, posted as comment on the same video, a man believed to be a nyaope addict could be heard saying they do not mix with water.

He says he’d have a problem with anyone who pours water on him.

Source : News365