If you want to know how to throw the perfect wedding, take out your book and take some notes, Calvin and Nonhlanhla turned a wedding that had the potential to be as dull as dishwater into a lituation.

The couple showed off their special day on Our Perfect Wedding this weekend and had fans reaching for their phones to tweet about the action.

We have seen a few weddings but this one took the cake! From dancing gogos to honeymoons in Mauritius, here’s the secret sauce the couple used.

Those mad wedding vows
Usually the wedding vows have us reaching for a tissue, these ones had us gasping for oxygen. Especially when the groom dropped gems like: “I give you this watch so that you know what time to cook for me.”

A tent for uninvited guests

We all know that weddings are pretty much free-for-alls and to makes sure everyone got to party, the couple even set up a tent that seemed to cater for those who weren’t on the guestlist. Imagine.

Gogos with moves like Jagger

It’s a wedding tradition that an elderly family member, or drunk uncle, will hit the dancefloor hard and try show off their special moves. Still, we love it when a gogo cuts a move that looks like gwara gwara and flaunt their twerking skills.

Honeymoon in Mauritius

After a stressful wedding, the couple headed to Mauritius to unwind for seven days. People were checking their ears to make sure they heard right and even asked if it was the country or the the nightclub in iKasi.

Twitter couldn’t hold the chill and blew up with hilarious memes and jokes.

Here were some of the best.

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