A controversial video has been trending via social media and has angered South Africans

The footage reveals how the driver of a luxury car fills up with petrol then drives away without paying

Many social media users commented on why a seemingly wealthy driver would place a helpless petrol attendant in such a predicament.

The festive season is a special time of the year which is generally filled with happy times. Unfortunately, some are bearing the brunt of December and a controversial video served as another reminder of this.

Twitter user @pmcafrica shared a video which reveals how the driver of a luxury Mercedes-Benz drives off after filling up with petrol.

The unsavoury incident is said to have taken place at a Sasol petrol station in Durban.

Media gathered that the act understandably incensed those who viewed the footage. Many found the deed despicable and couldn’t understand why a seemingly wealthy man would burden the helpless petrol attendant.

Source : Briefly