Lockdown is truly an awesome production! It doesn’t matter how many times this is said because the drama series keeps raising the bar it sets, week after week. On Monday, it was Nelisiwe’s piercing melodies that put the final nail in the coffin.

The musician-cum-actress shared her latest single with fans as the background soundtrack to a very emotional and well-executed scene featuring the return of Ma-Z.

The song, titled Ngigcine, is an emotionally charged prayer that will just trigger your feels.

Watch below to see the moment that all the viewers of the drama series were talki

As usual with Lockdown, there were so many things going on that the 30 minutes flew by. This left fans asking, yet again, why the drama series isn’t playing daily or at least for an hour on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Nelisiwe’s piercing sound was lingering in the background of all all that drama, making fans extra emo!

Source : Times Live