South African woman’s hands were burnt after being sprayed a fake hand sanitizer by a local supermarket.

Woman’s Hands Burnt By Fake Sanitizer Sprayed By Local Supermarket

Due to the need to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus, its government policy for supermarkets and other public places to have hand sanitizers and enforce COVID-19 regulations. Moreover it is mandatory to wear face mask each time you leave your houses and observe social distance whenever you are in a public space.

Horror stuck an identified (Name with held) South African woman after she was sprayed an allegedly fake hand sanitizer at a local supermarket.

Explaining her ordeal, she revealed that she started feeling itchy the moment she left the supermarket.

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“ I went to one of the supermarkets to buy essentials that’s where I was sprayed the sanitizer, I started feeling itchy a few moments I left the store. My hands become sore and started having pimples with puss inside them. I have been advised to press charges but i am not sure if I will seek justice in that way. I encourage people to wear gloves each time they visit shops to avoid fake hand sanitizers,” she said

Under lockdown, any trip to the shops means loads of hand sanitizer being spritzed on your hands.

However, not all hand sanitizers are created equally – and stores might be relying on dodgy products that could hurt your skin.

By law, all business premises must provide hand sanitizer (with at least 70% alcohol content) for use by customers and employees at the entrance to the store.

After numerous complaints about doggy sanitizers, it is advised that shoppers carry their own sanitizers with them.

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