Seasoned actress Zenande Mfenyane Tweeted that black people need to change the way they conduct funerals.

The star, who plays Goodness in Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, said she has noticed with disgust how black people attend funerals for the wrong reasons.

The actress wrote: “The way black people conduct funerals needs to change. This is thing of mourning for a week and people who didn’t even know the deceased expecting to be served tea & cakes is nonsense, the least you can do if you’re coming to the bereaved family is bring chelete ya matshidiso”.

She said instead of attending funerals for their own entertainment, people should offer help to bereaved families.

“Some people are not even there to comfort the bereaved family, they’re just there to check and see how the curtains, the ceiling, the stove, the couches look. Shameful!!! You can barely bring a bucket of cakes, the bereaved family can do without your sorry and empty hugs,” she wrote.

Source : Daily Sun