Generations star Zenande Mfenyana labelled a tweep as “entitled” on the TL after the tweep suggested that childless friends ought to do more to help their single parenting friends.

Zenande Mfenyana says her friends don't owe it to her to help raise her child

Zenande made it clear that to her it is absolutely OK if your friends can’t help parent your child.

The new mommy has been dishing on all things parenting lately and felt the need to weigh in the hot TL topic. A tweet about friendship and parenting went viral after Twitter was up in arms, debating into the early hours of the morning on whether friends should help out their single mother friends when it comes to helping raise their child.

The Queen star caught wind and weighed in on the situation, saying that the tweet reeks of entitlement.

“This tweet screams entitlement. My friends have their own lives. It’s MY baby, MY responsibility. My friends don’t owe me and my child anything,” wrote Zenande.

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Before giving birth to her baby girl, the star was anticipating motherhood.

Zenande took to Twitter to share a special moment in her life that brought tears to her eyes.

“My neighbours’ kids happily call me by my name, and I’ve never had any qualms with that. They’re so cute with their little voices. Today one of them said ‘Mama’. Jehova. I shed a young tear, like I’m actually about to be someone’s

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