Bonginkosi Dlamini also known as Zola 7 is a South African musician ,poet and actor.

The musician has been through his highs and lows in the industry but his life has been dedicated to giving back to the community and making the world a better place.

After a story about his downfall went viral, Zola 7′ s fans were quick to remind the world of his work on social media.

His fans reacted to a post that one of his fans took to Social media and praised the great musician.

It’s sad how the society is so quick to label people as ‘failures’ without looking at the good deeds done by those same individuals.

This is the case with Zola 7, a different gem that was concerned with helping the community more than anything.


His fans showed him love by listing all that the singer has done from the beginning of time citing how Zola 7 began his journey and what he did through out his journey.

His friends went on to acknowledge the good man he is. Even after his alleged downfall, Zola 7 is still trying to help the community.

His fans went on to say if people could gather and organise a concert for him, it would go a long way.

Mistakes happen,things change and so does fate but when our heroes hit bottom, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye and be quick to bash them.


Source : SA ONLINE